UPDATED: TD, Royal Bank both raise their fixed mortgage rates

Dated: 04/27/2018

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Mortgage Rates on the Rise

Sharing this recent article on interest rate increases from 2 of our major banks. It should not be a surprise to see other banks follow their lead. 

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If you have not secured your mortgage preapproval yet, it is highly recommended that you do if you plan to purchase a home in the next 4 months so that you can lock in the lowest rate. Remember, if the rate goes down banks will honour the new low rate. If rates go up you will be locked in at the rate you were initially offered.

I can introduce you to a number of my trusted mortgage brokers that have access to over 50 lenders. No need to shop the mortgage market yourself. They will do it for you.

Update: CIBC increases their mortgage rate CLICK HERE

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